Oriental Rug Cleaning New York, NY

Handmade Oriental rugs can last for generations if given proper care and maintained regularly. Oriental Rug Repair has extended the life of Oriental rugs owned by many of its clients in New York by providing expert professional care for these delicate items over the years.

We can help you get rid of tough stains, dust, dirt and mites in your soiled Oriental rugs to keep your living environment safe and pleasant. Contact our experts in NY to seek their advice on the ideal frequency and methods of cleaning which are suitable to your particular rug type.

Experience the ultimate care for your treasured oriental rugs with our specialized cleaning service. Our skilled professionals use gentle yet effective methods to remove dirt, stains, and odors, ensuring your rug's vibrant colors and delicate fibers are preserved. Give your oriental rug the pampering it deserves with our meticulous cleaning expertise.

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We use only non-toxic, green cleaning products. We give you a safe and healthy clean you can trust.

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